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Condos Ahead Of The Curve On Covid-19 Protection

Barbara Lawlor

When it comes to getting used to the new normal brought on by the pandemic, I was thinking that condominiums, by design, are ahead of the curve when it comes to our home and at-home work spaces. And of course, with COVID-19 around us, people en masse are working from home. Many condo suites’ layouts include a den/office/flex space or niche, which makes setting up for working convenient. Today’s young professionals, in particular, are pretty much paperless when it comes to their jobs, which is great in a compact suite. In addition, condo suites are designed to maximize space, so the layouts are efficient.

I heard a radio interview with an expert who suggests we all need to get exposure to as much sunlight as possible during this unusual time. Today’s condo suites feature large window walls and open-concept main living areas graced with natural light. Open-concept design minimizes the number of door handles residents touch in any given day. Of course, most suites come with a balcony or terrace, which means sitting in the sun with a cool drink is relaxing and helps replenish the Vitamin D we need so much. And with spring here, balcony gardening is a wonderful pastime. Containers are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes. The nice thing with balcony gardens is that you can see them through your windows and sliding doors.

There are other benefits of living in a condo during the pandemic. The concierge can receive and sanitize packages before they get to you. Some kitchens and baths have faucets that can be activated by hand-waving. We also see the possibility of some restrictions being lessened a bit in the near future. When that happens, condominium co-work spaces may open up again for holding small meetings right in the building. Let’s all keep doing our part to keep safe and healthy.

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