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The Low-rise To High Rise Move

Barbara Lawlor

With the appeal of condominiums having expanded to the spectrum of new home buyers over the past couple decades, we see more empty-nesters choosing to move from large low-rise homes to compact condo suites. These seasoned home buyers must understand that purchasing a condo is different from low-rise. It is important to work with a lawyer who is familiar with Ontario’s Condominium Act and who knows the ins and outs. Know exactly what you are buying and what is expected of you on your possession date.

If you find yourself moving low- to high-rise, realize that even when you move into your new suite, the building may not be finished. Have patience while the upper floors and amenities are worked on. Once condo living gets fully underway, accept the fact that you share common spaces such as the lobby, elevators, hallways and amenity areas. Respect and kindness are critical for a pleasant living environment. And be happy that you are getting brand new, up-to-the-minute technology, appliances and building quality.

Of course, you also have to be realistic about what furnishings, accessories, clothing and the like you can bring with you. De-cluttering your low-rise possessions can be a “freeing” experience. Keep your floorplan handy and consider where you will fit your items. Remember that an uncluttered look makes a room seem larger than its square footage would indicate. The wonderful multi-purpose furnishings available today help a lot.

My main advice is to ENJOY the maintenance-free living a condominium offers. I am sure you can think of great ways to spend the time freed up by not having to shovel snow, mow lawns and do exterior upkeep!

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